Geotab Checkmate 5.6 Software Upgrade Sneak Peek

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Video Transcript:

Hi there, I’m Russ Salo, president of GPS to GO.

Today we’re going to have a quick, sneak peek at the new Geotab Checkmake 5.6 software update. Just about everyone out there is still using Checkmate 5.5, but over the next couple months your GPS account will be undergoing this upgrade.

Don’t worry, what you see in this new version will be very familiar to what you are used to. Much has remained same, but just been improved on.

When we land here [in your dashboard], you don’t have to start the full version like in 5.5. In fact, 5.6 is 100% web based, which makes it great for the mobile environment, including using it on your Apple or Android device. As you will see, a lot of the tabs look the same. If I want to see where my vehicles are on a map, I click the map tab as usual. If I want to see where a specific vehicle is, I use the dropdown pick list arrow to find one. Let’s see where [Billy] is, and where [Justin] is. Now you’re used to seeing this kind of thing, and if you hover the icon you get all their information – including where they are, when they arrived, idling times, etc. It’s everything you’re used to. Trip history is also now right beside it. This is something new. For instance, people have been asking, what was the first place a driver left from? Well, with the new trip history information, you can now see a driver’s previous stops.If i want to see vehicle information, I click on vehicle and devices as normal. Here I can check communication, engine health, etc.

Driver activity is all in here as well.

One of the greatest new things about 5.6 is the ease of setting up the rules system. For those people who have been hesitating to implement rules using the beeper system, as used to stop hard braking, idling, speeding, after-hours use, etc, we’ve taken your popular suggestions and incorporated them into a new, ease-to-use format. It’s now very easy to turn on and adjust these rules by vehicle type. It’s easy to do without having to access our support staff- but of course, we’re always happy to help.

People have also been asking about idling, and how they can know if someone tampered with the device. We even have information on that in here.

Again, I’m Russ Salo, President of GPS to GO, and we’ll be contacting you through August and October of 2012 to introduce the Checkmate 5.6 fleet tracking software system.

GPS to GO,
Now you Know.

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