How Fleet Tracking Helps Small Business – Case Study

Any small business that manages a fleet of vehicles on the road knows how damaging a collision can be; beyond the potential for bodily harm to employees, they can be financially devastating to the business. There’s the loss of revenue from a vehicle being off the roads, the cost of repair or replacement beyond what insurance picks up, as well as the potential for increased insurance rates for the business.

Recognizing this, small businesses across The United States and Canada are making use of a Geotab fleet tracking system to take control of their drivers’ safety and reduce accident rates in their fleet.


Case Study: CreativeXteriors

CreativeXteriors is an outdoor, full-service landscaping company based in Colorado. It maintains a fleet of about 40 light and medium-duty pickup trucks, which often tow trailers behind them as they go from one location to the next.

Although they did not have a history of vehicles involved in accidents, safety is the top priority for the company, according to Steve Schaefer, fleet manger. That’s why they looked to Geotab to improve their drivers’ safe driving habits.

CreativeXteriors is also unique in that they entered into a two-year pilot program with their insurance carrier, where they would also monitor and review the telematics data regularly to assess a possible reduction in their insurance costs.

Fleet Tracking Results

  • The company immediately saw several benefits after integrating Geotab GPS tracking devices into their vehicles, according to Schaefer.
  • Infractions were reduced; incidents of speeding and harsh braking decreased.
  • As a result of improved driving due to monitoring, the company has seen less wear and tear on its trucks.
  • The company regularly monitors the data and communicates any recurring issues to drivers if they spot a habit that needs addressing. This feedback loop includes some instances where they have moved drivers to passenger positions due to poor driving habits.
  • In one of the few accidents a company vehicle was involved in, they were able to prove it was the fault of the other party involved, thanks to the telematics data.
  • Improved route management and operations through the MyGeotab platform has allowed the company to provide better customer service.
  • Through the maintenance reporting feature of Geotab, the company knows exactly when each vehicle requires maintenance, allowing them to be proactive in that regard.
  • The information from telematics has allowed the company to accurately project fuel costs, providing them with the flexibility to adjust their finances as needed.
  • The company has also saved on fuel via off-hours monitoring, as drivers know that the trucks are not to be moved on weekends, for example.


[ View the original case study (PDF) courtesy Geotab here. ]


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