4 Huge Ways that Fleet Tracking Generates an ROI for Your Business

You might have heard of the phrase telematics over the past decade or so. It seems that the term, which most often describes the integration of telecommunications and vehicle tracking, is popping up everywhere. Many insurance companies are now offering the potential for reduced rates to personal drivers, for example, backed by data collection powered by telematics systems.

It’s far from just a trendy buzzword, though – for fleet managers, making use of telematics can be the key to unlocking hidden efficiencies in your bottom line. And at the end of the day, that’s what it boils down to for most managers: seeing that return on investment.


Before you invest in GPS fleet tracking devices, you probably want to know that you’ll be getting good value for your dollar… and that over the long haul, a GPS fleet tracking system will end up strengthening your bottom line. Here are how some of our customers commonly see that materialize.

1. Improved Efficiency:

GPS Fleet tracking is an ideal way to get more productivity out of your employees. For most companies, this can materialize in number of ways after integrating a fleet tracking system:

  • Improved Route Management: With Geotab, you can automate route management so that your drivers take the best route to their next work site. No more ‘scenic routes’!
  • Send the Closest Driver to the Job: Knowing exactly where your drivers are allows you to dispatch the driver that’s closest to the work site.

2. Lower Day-to-Day Costs:

  • Reduce Fuel Costs: Lower gas bills are a huge reason why many of our customers are drawn to Geotab fleet tracking.
  • Reduce Maintenance and Down Time: Easily keep tabs on when vehicles are due for maintenance, or get alerts when something’s gone wrong. Less down time means more vehicles on the road, and more profitability.
  • Accurate Overhead Forecasting: Collect data to contribute to more accurate estimates of your costs related to running your fleet on a day by day basis, including fuel costs.
  • Pay Out Less Overtime: An amazing thing happens when companies integrate Geotab GPS Fleet Tracking – their employees just work more efficiently. Your staff getting more done in a day, and wasting less time, means that you might end up with a reduction in overtime pay.

3. Improved Safety:

Many companies are just as concerned with the safety of their drivers (as well as the costs stemming from accidents) as they are about efficiency. To that end, Geotab fleet tracking provides a number of features that can benefit your company in several ways.

Key among those is improved driving behavior. In conjunction with a program to implement better driving standards for your vehicle operators, many companies have seen fantastic results. That can be through active correction, such as in-cab audible alerts, or ongoing coaching, making use of the rich and convenient sets of driver behavior reports generated by Geotab.

Better driving behavior can ultimately lead to less costs related to vehicle collisions as well as lower insurance rates over time.

4. Keep Your Customers Happier:

Improving your company’s overall quality of customer service can have long lasting benefits for your organization. While you may not see this sort of return on investment right away, in the long run a better reputation can bring you the ultimate ROI – more customers.

Test GPS Fleet Tracking for Your Business

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Happy tracking,

Russ Salo, President

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