Fleet Tracking Review: RITCHIES FEED & SEEDS Inc. of GPS to GO

Below is a video testimonial from one of our long-time customers, Ritchies Feed & Seeds, and how they are using our GPS fleet tracking system. They service Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec with feed and seeds for dairy farms, landscapers, and other sources.

The below video is featuring Craig Harrison who is the fleet manager.



One of their common issues have been harsh braking and jack-rabbit starts (quick accelerations). So the fleet management software has been useful in monitoring driver’s driving habits to correct on such issues.

One of the useful features Craig commented on regarding the fleet management software was that he could go back and look at Trip History for a given driver. When one of their fleet drivers was in an accident, Craig was able to check the driver’s history and see what happened at the exact time of the event. He was able to determine the driver did not slow down before the moment of impact. Upon later interviews with this driver, the driver admitted he panicked and may have stepped on the gas instead of the break.

This gave Craig a nice heads up for the accident report.



From real-time tracking and dispatching, to correcting poor driving habits, to checking trip history and hours of service, our fleet tracking solution is packed with features and capabilities that can be used to the advantage of your specific company and your specific needs as a fleet manager or business owner.

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