Make a Game Out of Fleet Safety with D2GO’s Driver Challenge!

Work and play don’t have to be opposites. With the D2GO’s Driver Challenge designed for the Geotab GPS Fleet Tracking solution, you’re able to boost employee engagement while increasing fleet safety and productivity. This unique technology allows you to easily define company goals and metrics, and communicate those to your fleet instantly via an easy to use mobile application. Your team is then able to work to achieve these goals as they track performance, receive badges and awards, and see feedback and suggestions for improved performance in real time.

gamification geotab gps

Encourage friendly competition and see productivity soar as your employees compare score and race to unlock the levels to reach the top. They can compare performance and see how they stack up across the company.

Your staff will love it, and you will too! You have access to overall trends analysis so you can benchmark how your company is performing, and receive printable report cards for all your drivers so you can review at the individual level to identify issues.

Your team will love it!

  1. They’ll get instantaneous and constructive feedback instead of having to wait until review time
  2. Transparent and clearly defined goals for your entire team, everyone will be on the same page
  3. They’ll be able to clearly see where they have room for improvement
  4. Helps them easily identify and avoid risky behavior

You’ll love it!

  1. Hold your team accountable
  2. Better results with less coaching
  3. Easily and efficiently see areas for improvement with each employee

Gamification is the future of workforce coaching and management. Studies show significant increases in employee engagement, motivation, and retention when learning environments are gamified.

It takes just 5 minutes to get started. Contact us today and begin The Driver Challenge!