Reduce Fleet Costs

One of the main factors in improving your bottom line is reducing costs. Through more efficient routes, better driving habits, and more accurate time sheet recording, you can significantly reduce your fleet costs. In fact, many of our customers say that their investment in GPS fleet tracking technology has paid for itself in 6-12 months just from the cost-savings alone.

Oftentimes, you may not even realize just how much you could be saving until you give our GPS tracking solution a try.

Did you know? Aggressive accelerations can result in up to 39% more fuel consumption.

That’s only one example of poor driving habit, too. When you consider speeding, idling, vehicle wear & tear, the cost-savings add up.

How Does Fleet Tracking Reduce Costs?




More efficient routes

  • Mean less travel time,
  • Mean less downtime,
  • Mean less fuel usage.

Safer driving habits

  • Mean less chance of an accident,
  • Mean less vehicle wear & tear,
  • Mean less maintenance costs,
  • Mean improved vehicle lifespan.

Vehicle usage tracking

  • Means more accurate employee time sheets,
  • Means less need for overtime hours,
  • Means less risk of theft,
  • Means less labor costs/better productivity per salary.

A better driving record

  • Can even result in reduced insurance rates.

Cost Savings!

When you add up all of the above, it’s no doubt the savings are significant. When you couple this with the fact that GPS tracking makes your company more productive and offer better customer service, your bottom line improves from both the revenue and cost sides of the business, increasing profit.


Ottawa Home Services – Saving Money With Fleet Tracking

Ottawa Home Services is an HVAC company in Ottawa Ontario.

In this video, Alan Violini also explains how 3 years ago they installed the GPS fleet tracking system from GPS to GO to curb after-hours use of the vehicles and to monitor some inventory missing from trucks. After the first month, the gas bill dropped by $1000/month from eliminating employee “moonlighting”.