Electronic Log Management: How do you track your Hours of Service?

Still tracking your company’s “hours of service” manually?

The federal government knows the importance of E-logs and has been working towards transitioning from traditional paper logs to electronic format. With plans to mandate E-logs, their implementation is inevitable and ultimately for the well-being of all those who share the road. Things are more pressing if you’re from the United States or a Canadian driver who works cross border. The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) have provided commercial motor carriers and truck drivers a deadline of December 2017 to implement certified ELDs to record Hours of Service (HOS).

With safety playing a major role in the mandate the devices assist in saving lives and preventing injuries. In addition to these clear benefits, companies will be able to have access to real-time data that they never had before. This data will help with productivity, route planning, tracking of deliveries and driving hours. Electronic log devices will also help in cost savings not only through automation but on fuel savings, document scanning, and time spent on completing paperwork.

There are several different types of ELD devices and some are even compatible with existing smartphones and mobile devices such as tablets. We urge carriers to start initiating their research now so that when the time comes to make decisions on being mandate compliant that you aren’t left overwhelmed with the process. If keeping your drivers and fleet safe from harm is of high importance to your company, a paperless log management system is the way to go. With E-logs being mandated by December 2017 and looking to become mandated in Canada very soon, the time to be compliant is now. Don’t straggle and scramble trying to get everything in order at the last minute. Bring your company to modern day technology by employing an E-Log system. It has never been easier to do so with GPS to Go. It’s affordable, easy to use and convenient.

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