Introducing DICKEY-john Control Point® & Geotab Integration

We at GPS to GO are pleased to announce that Geotab has just introduced a ‘pre-release’ DICKEY-john integration solution for municipal-level and public works vehicle tracking.


Snow Plow Dickey John Tracking

New GPS Tracking Capabilities Through Geotab and DICKEY-john Integration

Using Geotab’s IOX-DJ unit (shown below), the DICKEY-john Control Point® Control System can be connected to receive information on distances, time, as well as the amount of granular (sand/salt) and liquid materials being spread during winter storm events.

This data is captured by the IOX and relayed to the MyGeotab fleet tracking software where exceptions/rules can be created and material quantities and spread areas determined.


IOX Expander Dickey-john Monitoring System


IO Expander to DICKEY-john Control Point® Control Systems. Refer to Geotab MyAdmin for pricing of this product.

About DICKEY-john

public works material application monitoring systemDICKEY-john’s provides a range of electronic solutions for agricultural, analytical, and public works applications. Touching on the side of their business as relevant to GPS to GO and Geotab, DICKEY-john provides a particular solution called Control Point®, giving control to the municipal or public works vehicle operator in the application, spinner speed, and spread width of granular and liquid materials – such as salt and sand during winter conditions.

Features and benefits of DICKEY-john monitoring:

  • View on a map which roads have been salted or sanded or had other material applied.
  • View areas on a map where blasting occurred.
  • Track distance, quantity, and time spent sanding, salt blasting or applying other DICKEY-john materials.
  • Compare application rates to ensure some drivers are not over or under applying material.

About GPS to GO

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For more information on the DICKEY-john and Geotab tracking device integration, please contact us or submit a quote request.


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