New Product Updates

The New Checkmate 5.6 Fleet Management Software is Almost Here!

Sometime between August to October, your existing GPS to GO account will be upgraded to Checkmate 5.6. As users, you will notice some small but useful changes to the Checkmate website interface. No need to worry though, as you’ll find these changes are still in a familiar setting which you should have no problem ‘navigating‘. After all, that’ what it’s all about, right?


Here are some of the new features of Checkmate 5.6:

  • You can change the default view/zoom on the live web map.
  • It uses a more web-based solution, meaning it can be run on a computer without downloading an application. It can therefore be easily accessed through iMacs, iPads, iPhones and other devices.
  • There will be an option to select English, French and Spanish interfaces.
  • Time zones will be customizable, where you can select the time zone you wish despite your current computer system settings.

In 5.6, most functions will not need a third party component, although for a very few functions it may be needed (normally report based options that run excel).

The current geo-fencing system in 5.5 only allows a zone to be moved while retaining its size and shape. However with 5.6, it is possible to have flexibility when moving points so that if a zone requires extending or a change in shape, additional plot points can be added and sections of the zone can be extended to do so.

We’ll keep you updated on the release of Checkmate 5.6.



– The GPS Team.

We’ve been waiting a long time for this, and it’s finally here –


the Geotab G06 Tracking Device –

The World’s Only Expandable, Plug & Play GPS System

The G06 has some unique features over the G05, which has been one of our flagship products here at GPS to GO. What really sets the G06 apart is its IOX technology for full ‘expandability’.

What does expandability mean? Well, the G06 has a plug-in component that lets you connect all sorts of other devices, greatly ‘expanding’ its capabilities. For instance, you can connect it to a Garmin GPS for dispatching, an Iridium satellite for ultra-enhanced tracking, and not to mention various other sensors and controls.

Geotab G06 GPS tracking device

You can probably tell that we are really excited for this new product, and we can’t wait to show our customers all its new features. But let’s take a quick look:

  • Intelligent In-Vehicle Driver Coaching: Manage your safe driving policies with comments from the device on your speed and idling time, as well as other corrective actions!
  • Ultra-Accurate Engine Diagnostics: It’s safe to say the Geotab GO6 device is the most comprehensive GPS vehicle tracking device in the world. The device is compatible with all kinds of vehicles, including hybrids, electric vehicles, delivery vans, and even highway trucks.
  • Fastest Acquisition Time: Whether you park indoors or underground, you’ll be found as soon as you start driving. You’ll have second-by-second accuracy of ignition-on, trip distance and time, engine idling and speed. You’ll have time and address of arrival as well as accurate departure from sites visited during the day.
  • Breakthrough Accident Detection & Notification: If a serious accident is detected, you’ll receive an email or desktop alert along with second-by-second data. You can immediately dispatch for help and manage all collisions from your central location.
  • High Quality Recording: The G06 is exceptional in extracting valuable information on the health and running status of your vehicles in order to make you aware of service maintenance priorities. Recording VIN, odometer, seatbelt usage, and other information helps managers audit vehicle use and the safe driving habits of drivers.

Interested in the G06 Device, or want to learn more about it?

Inquire here!

We’ll let you know exactly how its new features pan out as we use it more. But so far, we love it.


Russ Salo, President

Protect Your Company Now: Stop Destructed Driving with Fleet Safer Mobile

Destructed drivers on the job are a serious risk but you can now reduce employer liability with FleetSafer

FleetSafer Mobile is software for Blackberry and Android smart phones that automatically promotes safe, legal and responsible use of mobile phones.

  • Auto-activates while driving
  • Prevents texting, emailing and browsing
  • Optionally enables phone calls
  • Flexible trigger service supports in-vehicle OBD, fleet telematics, Bluetooth®, or GPS

Now available on all Geotab units.  Contact us to find out more.

Through a suite of software applications, GPS to GO can now offers optimized route planning, real-time wireless dispatch and GPS, strategic territory planning, vehicle telematics, web-based reporting and more. These solutions have already successfully helped thousands of distribution and delivery companies reduce transportation and maintenance costs, save time routing, improve customer service, and increase overall operational efficiency; we are very excited that we now can offer this solution to our customers across North America!

Here is what you can do by using this transportation fleet management suite:

Plan Your Routes
When you want to save time routing and make strategic business decisions based on data, it starts with a plan. Your operation can only be as good as your plan. If you’re looking to optimize routes, reduce mileage or driver turnover, our application can work both as a separate module or together as an integrated suite of products. Each module comes with a reporting feature to help you collect and analyze your data to improve upon your plan. View the link below to get an overview of how our solution works together to help you reduce costs and meet your transportation goals contact us to obtain more information about how you can start implementing your plan today.

Collect Data in Real-Time
By utilizing GPS tracking technology, you have the opportunity to view the location of your vehicles, sales, service, and merchandising force in real-time and respond proactively to service situations and route exceptions. Data collected in the field goes directly into your host system, providing an even better plan for tomorrow. Compare your actual vs. planned results and adjust your performance goals to improve operations.

Analyze Your Results
Having visibility into your delivery day is key to improving customer service and analyzing your bottom line. By focusing on resource utilization, driver productivity, and on-time delivery performance reports, you’ll have the information needed to analyze outcomes and improve your overall strategy.

Implement Seamlessly
Our application can work both as a separate module or together as an integrated suite of products. Each module comes with a reporting feature to help you collect and analyze your data to improve upon your plan. Contact us to get an overview of how our solution works together to help you reduce costs and meet your transportation goals.