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The Geotab Software Development Kit allows third-party developers to build on the Geotab platform to create custom solutions for their clients.

Fleet Hoster is a leading company in working with businesses to develop these solutions. The beauty of working with Fleet Hoster is that you don’t need to be technically-inclined to understand what they do; instead, you describe to them what you’re looking for in plain English, and they handle the technical aspects of making it a reality. Here’s a look at three different applications that they have built, tailored to the specific needs of their clients’ business — giving them the ultimate fleet tracking solution.

Geotab SDK Integration - custom fleet tracking solutions

Example 1: A Leading Restoration Company

Requirements: A company in the restoration space was getting bogged down with customers calling in to dispatch, asking when their assigned vehicle would be arriving. The company reached out to Fleet Hoster with several requirements:

  • Give customers a link to a map of a vehicle that is en route to service their work order.
    • The company would like the link to expire after 24 hours.
  • The restoration wanted custom icons to indicate the status of their vehicles: red for stopped and green for motion.
  • They wanted to display the vehicle name and speed in a popup if the customer clicked on it.
  • They wanted the customer to be notified by text or email when the technician was a mile away.

As you can imagine, this system would automate a lot of the company’s customer interaction, providing their customers with a better sense of expected timeframe and up-to-the-minute reporting on vehicles. Geotab is the ideal platform to build this functionality on top of.

Solution: Fleet Hoster developed and built an external-hosted web application for the dispatch team. Here’s how it works:

  • The dispatcher quickly selects the vehicle from a drop-down list and a link is automatically generated for them.
  • The dispatcher copies this link and emails it to their customer. The link will be live for 24 hours.
  • After expiration, the customer would be informed to call the office for a new link if needed.
  • When the system detects the technician is within a mile of the location it sends a text or email to the customer.

How It Could Help Your Business: Many companies in the trades and services already use telematics platforms like Geotab to keep tabs on their own vehicles; this sort of application allows your company to harness that information and share it easily and directly with their customers, providing a better level of customer service.

Example 2: A Major National Auto Parts Retailer

Requirements: Companies with regular deliveries and pickups are another industry that Geotab is ideal for. Here’s how one such organization improved their route efficiency and helped automate reporting, cutting down on wasted time and money.

  • The company asked to use their existing route stops and times to automatically create routes and route plans in Geotab.
  • They also requested that the system would automatically assign the vehicle and driver to these route plans
  • As part of the scope of the project, they requested the creation of “On-Time” reports to assess the delivery times to these stops on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, according to their fiscal year reporting requirements.
  • Drivers and vehicles could take different routes schedules and drivers could switch vehicles.
  • They also wanted to utilize the security of Geotab so that within the single reporting platform, different elements could be viewed by different managers, depending on their position within the company.

Solution: Fleet Hoster developed an external-hosted web application, built to enter and update the known route schedules.

  • Geotab web services were utilized to send the application entry and exit information for zones along those routes.
  • A custom algorithm was designed to automatically assign the routes for them using the alerts for who was driving what vehicle to assign them to routes and then upload those route plans to Geotab.
  • Custom “On-Time” reports were created using SQL Server Reporting Services and integrated into the application to allow granular reporting of deliveries.
  • The solution was automatically built into the Geotab software for everyone to view.
  • The data is filtered by the group security settings of the signed in user to Geotab.

How It Could Help Your Business: Route management is one of the biggest challenges for companies that constantly have vehicles on the go. The Geotab GPS Fleet Tracking System offers industry-leading features out-of-the-box for route optimization, and custom solutions like this one just take that functionality to the next level.

Screenshot: Here’s a look at what one aspect of the completed functionality ended up looking like.

Fleet-Hoster - auto parts retailer example

Example 3: Leading Premium Risk Management Software Company

Requirements: Before coming to Fleet Hoster, the company got risk management data from Excel reports from Geotab, extracting and inputting the data into their software for further analysis.

  • The company asked Fleet Hoster for more features to be added to this report than Geotab’s out-of-the-box functionality provided – very specific, unique calculations ran against the data.
  • They also asked to have the data automatically deposited directly into a staged database overseas.
  • The company requested the functionality to be provided for multiple customers at any point in time.

Solution: Fleet Hoster worked with the company to install a staged database outside of their production database; an external-hosted web application was built to extract specific data from Geotab on a weekly basis. Here’s how it functions:

  • The data is extracted per customer/vehicle and analyzed every Sunday morning for the prior week.
  • The data is then deposited directly into a staged database at a location overseas.
  • A summary report is then emailed directly to managers informing them of the number of devices that were analyzed for each customer along with devices that had no trip data.
  • The company can now take the data directly into the production server without human intervention.

The web application has built-in security and will allow them to enter new customer connection information and set profiles up for risk management data on a customer by customer basis if needed. Due to the security and sensitivity of the application, no pictures are shown.

How It Could Help Your Business: B2B companies in the business of providing data to customers can build upon the detailed data recording that Geotab provides with the state of the art possibilities that the developers can use the SDK to bring to life.


Geotab SDK: Custom Reporting Solutions for Your Business

A fleet tracking system from Geotab can provide your business with a competitive advantage. The benefits provided by integration with a custom software development kit solution can send you soaring even further beyond the competition.

Get rolling with our $50 trial offer today. Here’s how it works: we send you the devices, you plug-and-play with a no risk trial. Setup is quick and extremely easy. We’re sure that you’ll quickly see the benefits for your business. There’s no contract to sign, no obligation, and if you’re not completely satisfied, just send it back. If you’re ready to purchase, the $50 is credited to your account. Get rolling today!

In our modern, connected world, customers expect to stay informed of their vehicle’s status at the click of a smartphone. At first glance, you might think of that as using GPS fleet tracking for a delivery company, or maybe a company that deals in the trades. And while Geotab is an amazing out-of-the-box tool for those types of companies, telematics has applications in a huge range of different industries, including those whose business is transporting customers — and keeping them happy en route.

Geotab SDK - Telematics Case Study

In this post, we’ll focus on how a third-party company used the Geotab software development kit to customize a solution for a large, inter-city bus carrier that allowed them to provide updated information to their riders, greatly improving their customers’ experience.

Geotab SDK Integration Solutions – What Is It?

SDK stands for software development kit, and in simple terms, it allows expert companies to build custom solutions for Geotab that go well beyond the fleet tracking system’s already-impressive list of features and functionality. One of the leading companies in the world in that space is Fleet Hoster.

Fleet Hoster is a Geotab Authorized Technology Partner and an expert in business analysis. They specialize in customized integrated applications to bring enterprise data together with Geotab data to create innovative solutions that can help your business’s bottom line and operations in three major ways:

  • Drive costs down;
  • Generate higher fleet utilization rates;
  • Keep owners, managers and team members more informed about fleet operations.

Custom Fleet Tracking Solutions As Unique As Your Business

As a Geotab Authorized Technology Partner and expert business analyst, Fleet Hoster is experienced in addressing your special business requirements to create custom integrated applications. Most of the time, if you can dream it, they can build it. Most applications are hosted on Fleet Hoster’s secure cloud servers, offering true flexibility. Here are a few examples of the types of functionality they’ve provided for clients:

  • Custom mapping to bring your vehicles, customers, and work orders together on one map, built with layers.
  • Automated route dispatching and route plan creations.
  • Automated work force scheduling and assignments
  • Custom reporting applications
  • Customer facing web application to integrate with your GPS data.

For now, we’ll focus on that last point, to demonstrate the incredible possibilities that fleet tracking SDK integration for a company that’s in the business of customer service.

Case Study: A Leading Bus Transportation Company in the Midwestern United States

Here’s a great example of the power of Geotab to improve customer service through SDK integration.

The Need:

  • The bus company came to Fleet Hoster asking to use their existing route stops, times and vehicle/driver assignments from their dispatch software to automatically create routes and route plans in Geotab.
    • There was also the need to have the system be monitored for changes throughout the day.
  • The bus company management requested an end user web application, “Where’s My Ride,” to show routes, schedules, and actual arrival and departure times to keep the customers informed.
  • The company management also wanted to give the dispatch team the ability to view current route times and also a quick history of the completed routes to compare the plan vs actual route plans.
  • Finally, management wanted real-time notifications when buses are not en route to their first stop by a specific time interval.

Building upon the data provided by the Geotab platform, Fleet Hoster was able to provide an amazing solution that met the needs of the bus company’s management, and helps keep their customers more informed – and therefore, happy.

The Solution:

  • An external-hosted web application was built to integrate with the company’s dispatch system to gather routes and assignments.
  • The application loads route plans into Geotab upon the start of the routes. Geotab web services are utilized to send the application entry and exit information for zones along the routes.
  • A custom algorithm was designed to match the web service notifications with the routes to identify a known route execution and route changes.
  • The customer-facing “Where’s My Ride” application was built to display route information to riders.
  • Internal web pages were built to display all of the current routes and their status, and also to view or download route history.
  • Custom web services were built to constantly update vehicle assignments and vehicle start times to notify management via text of the possible vehicle not in motion to their route.


Here are a few examples of how the custom solution ended up looking — intuitive, visually pleasing, and incredibly useful for both company management and their customers.



Get a Fleet Tracking System for Your Business

trial offerThis is part one of a series about the virtually limitless solutions that are possible with Geotab SDK integration. Ready to bring your business into the modern era, reduce costs, and provide a better experience for your customers? Get rolling with our $50 fleet tracking trial offer. We send you the plug-and-play devices for your vehicles. You install it – which takes under a minute.

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Happy tracking,

Russ Salo, President

GPS to Go, now you know

We sell GPS Tracking Devices to a very wide range of businesses, from cleaning companies to HVAC Installers, to food distributors. One of the things are clients unanimously love about Geotab, and one of its best features on the whole, is its total flexibility to suit the needs of your business.

The MyGeotab platform provides a powerful, intuitive dashboard for you to monitor your fleet of workers, and your vehicles’ usage and maintenance needs. Still, some of our customers require even more data, or more concise ways to organize and digest their data. It’s all about finding the best way to tailor the system, and the data received, to the particular needs of our customers’ business.

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to attend the 2014 Geotab Dealer Conference in Florida.  While there, we were able to meet lots of companies with amazing products and ideas that integrate seamlessly with Geotab. Here are three that really stood out to us.


GPS Third Party Integration


maps-biMaps BI is an app that takes works directly with your existing Geotab data and makes it even more interactive and intuitive. Think of it as a plug-in which provides an advanced visual analytics dashboard. The whole idea of Maps BI (the BI stands for ‘business intelligence’) is to take a large amount of data, and make it as simple as possible to look at it, analyze it, and make a judgment.

The other great thing about Maps BI is that it allows you to import data from various sources. So if you use a CRM system like SalesForce, for example, you can integrate that with your Geotab data in one easy-to-read dashboard. We went into more depth about this app in a previous post, so check out some more information on Maps BI here.



This company specializes in transmission equipment for public safety, energy safety, and ‘lone worker’ scenarios. They provide products and solutions to enhance worker safety in a number of industries, from fire and law enforcement, to mining and electrical workers. Their SuperCELL SC500-GPS is a Two-Way Emergency Signaling Personal Safety Alarm can be summed up as Man-Down Alert System.

Worker safety can be significantly enhanced with their products’ seamless integration into the Geotab platform. It’s a very cost-effective solution for lone workers who are consistently working in different environments and locations. Find out more about Grace Industries’ third-party Geotab integration at their website.


Zone Defence Geotab integrationZONE DEFENSE:

Zone Defense is one of the leading manufacturers of systems for rear and side view vehicle use. The company has made its name on being a leader in this space, and its products protect against frequent dangers, like trucking blind spots, or even monitor danger zones, like marine engines. They now offer a plug-and-play high resolution camera that offers both front and in-cab views. This means that in conjunction with your Geotab device, you’ll have telematics data integrated with video, allowing you to assess or determine fault in case of an accident, with visual proof. The units also boast an array of additional features, such as the ability to automatically record specified ‘events’ and the exact location they occured, and a wide range of other uses.  For more on these and how they could benefit for your business, head on over to their page on the Geotab website.


These are just three of the many companies that have developed third-party integration with Geotab fleet tracking devices to improve on an already-fantastic business solution. But beyond these, there are many more third-party applications and add-ons for Geotab as well. If there’s an add-on you can think of that you think would be useful for your business, there’s a good chance that somebody out there is already doing it. That’s why Geotab offers you the ultimate flexibility in telematics, and will continue to stand as the industry’s best option for many years to come.


Ready to get rolling with a GPS to GO Geotab fleet tracking device?

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Happy tracking,

Russ Salo, President

GPS to GO, now you know


In our latest YouTube videos, Russ Salo chats with the President and CEO of Maps BI, Mike Branch.
Maps BI is an elegant app solution that makes it easy for managers to see the data from your Geotab system in a convenient, interactive way.

What does Maps BI do?

The GPS to GO fleet tracking system with Geotab Checkmate is already the best in the industry, and Maps BI takes it to the next level. Maps BI is a visual analytics dashboard that makes it very easy to access to your location-based data in an interactive way.
Visuals are clean, modern and efficient. Instead of business owners and managers having to draw conclusions from tables and tables of Excel spreadsheets, Maps BI makes a large amount of information a lot easier to take in and digest in a visual way.

What are a few examples of uses for Maps BI?

Really, the possibilities are endless, but as an example, Maps BI includes some “out-of-the-box” reports that are already set up for use. These data sets are pre-loaded to display useful, common concerns for fleet managers, like vehicle stop times, trip information, and fuel management. And all these reports and the data contained within them are highly customizable, allowing you to tinker with them to use Maps BI for whatever your specific fleet tracking needs are.

What are the advantages of using Maps BI?

There are two big plusses to Maps BI:

1. The interactive and highly visual nature of the application allows you to make data-based decisions and assess your information that much quicker;

2. Maps BI allows you to bring multiple data sources in; from a Geotab system, as mentioned, but it also has the ability to integrate data from multiple platforms (like a CRM system, for example) and overlay the data so that it can all be viewed and analyzed in one user-friendly, easy-to-use dashboard.

How do you set up Maps BI?

It’s easy to get started with the Maps BI dashboard. You can connect directly to information from Geotab or a CRM system such as SalesForce in real-time; or, if you want to just use it at a certain point in time, you can upload an Excel Spreadsheet and visualize your data that way.

How do I get Maps BI?

Reach out to GPS to GO today to learn more about Geotab fleet GPS system! We’ll be happy to set up a live demonstration for you to show you how Maps BI can take your Geotab Checkmate data to the next level.


The Mobileye Collision Avoidance CS 270 is a revolutionary system that helps drivers avoid collisions. It is a “life-saving 4 in 1 solution for collision prevention and mitigation”. How does the Mobileye work? When you get too close to another vehicle/person the system beeps and flashes a signal to warn you that an impending accident might occur.

Watch the following video to see it in action.

The Mobileye CS 270 supports the following collision warnings:

  • Pedestrian
  • Bicycle
  • Forward collision (when you’re getting too close to a car’s rear bumper regardless of whether your car is coming to a halt or traveling at higher speeds)
  • Motorcycles
  • Lane departure (if you fall asleep while driving or swerve outside the lane, the system will alert you that you’re outside the boundary of your driving lane)
  • Each warning is color coded to help the driver distinguish between the different types of collision warnings
  • It can be installed in all types of vehicles (cars, buses, trucks etc.)
  • It operates day and night and in all weather conditions

It also offers additional features:

  1. High-beam control
  2. Speed limit indication