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How-To Articles on using our GPS devices and software to get the most out of their functionality and capabilities.

Imagine a world where your vehicle fleet was operating at perfect efficiency. As a fleet manager, you spent exactly what was needed, not a penny more, and your vehicles were rolling along, generating maximum revenue for your company, day in and day out.

It might sound like a dream, but integrating Geotab GPS Fleet Tracking into your fleet can get you a heck of a lot closer to that reality. Here’s how.

optimize fleet with gps fleet tracking

What causes inefficiencies in fleet operations? Here are 3 big categories that can contribute:

  • Wasted money on fuel costs – inefficient routing, idling, unauthorized stops and detours.
  • Unsafe driver behavior – speeding, harsh braking and acceleration, costs stemming from collisions.
  • Vehicle maintenance and downtime.

Here’s how GPS Fleet tracking from Geotab can optimize your vehicle fleet and its operations.

Save Money

  • Use built in route optimization to give your drivers better routes to their locations. Optimize the efficiency of the routes that your drivers take, and improve customer satisfaction along the way.
  • Reduce idling in your fleet. Idle vehicles can add up to massive costs. Geotab gives you the tools to easily monitor the amount of idling each driver or vehicle. Many companies who take steps to reduce idling in their fleet see a huge cost savings.
  • Eliminate unauthorized uses of company vehicles. With Geotab GPS fleet tracking installed, your employees know that their days of using the company vehicle for their personal life are over.

Reduce Unsafe Driving

  • Monitor and correct speeding. Not only can speeding cost you obvious dollars, in the form of tickets, but it can also be a big contributor to fuel costs. Geotab lays out your driver statistics for easy coaching and driver improvement. You can also choose to use real-time features, such as audible alerts for drivers to slow down when they’re going over the posted speed limit.
  • Potentially Reduce the Collision Rate in your fleet. An amazing thing happens for many companies who install Geotab GPS fleet tracking devices on their company fleets – their employees drive safer, which leads to a reduction in accidents. Take this company who saw an 80% drop when they wanted to reduce accidents in their fleet.

Improve Vehicle Maintenance, Reduce Downtime

  • Cut down on harsh acceleration and braking, which can make a big impact on a vehicles well being.
  • Get engine fault codes to easily locate and address issues before they become a major problem.
  • Set automatic maintenance reminders to be proactive about the health of your vehicles.

Optimize Your Vehicle Fleet

Take the first step towards optimizing your vehicle fleet today and see the amazing R.O.I. that GPS fleet tracking can bring to your company: get rolling with our $50 trial offer. We’re the GPS company the USA and Canada trusts and we make it as simple and straightforward as it can be:

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  • We send you the plug and play device to try out on your vehicle(s) (they take seconds to install.)
  • When you’re ready to purchase, we’ll credit the $50 to your account.

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Russ Salo, President

GPS to GO, Now You Know.

You might have heard of the phrase telematics over the past decade or so. It seems that the term, which most often describes the integration of telecommunications and vehicle tracking, is popping up everywhere. Many insurance companies are now offering the potential for reduced rates to personal drivers, for example, backed by data collection powered by telematics systems.

It’s far from just a trendy buzzword, though – for fleet managers, making use of telematics can be the key to unlocking hidden efficiencies in your bottom line. And at the end of the day, that’s what it boils down to for most managers: seeing that return on investment.


Before you invest in GPS fleet tracking devices, you probably want to know that you’ll be getting good value for your dollar… and that over the long haul, a GPS fleet tracking system will end up strengthening your bottom line. Here are how some of our customers commonly see that materialize.

1. Improved Efficiency:

GPS Fleet tracking is an ideal way to get more productivity out of your employees. For most companies, this can materialize in number of ways after integrating a fleet tracking system:

  • Improved Route Management: With Geotab, you can automate route management so that your drivers take the best route to their next work site. No more ‘scenic routes’!
  • Send the Closest Driver to the Job: Knowing exactly where your drivers are allows you to dispatch the driver that’s closest to the work site.

2. Lower Day-to-Day Costs:

  • Reduce Fuel Costs: Lower gas bills are a huge reason why many of our customers are drawn to Geotab fleet tracking.
  • Reduce Maintenance and Down Time: Easily keep tabs on when vehicles are due for maintenance, or get alerts when something’s gone wrong. Less down time means more vehicles on the road, and more profitability.
  • Accurate Overhead Forecasting: Collect data to contribute to more accurate estimates of your costs related to running your fleet on a day by day basis, including fuel costs.
  • Pay Out Less Overtime: An amazing thing happens when companies integrate Geotab GPS Fleet Tracking – their employees just work more efficiently. Your staff getting more done in a day, and wasting less time, means that you might end up with a reduction in overtime pay.

3. Improved Safety:

Many companies are just as concerned with the safety of their drivers (as well as the costs stemming from accidents) as they are about efficiency. To that end, Geotab fleet tracking provides a number of features that can benefit your company in several ways.

Key among those is improved driving behavior. In conjunction with a program to implement better driving standards for your vehicle operators, many companies have seen fantastic results. That can be through active correction, such as in-cab audible alerts, or ongoing coaching, making use of the rich and convenient sets of driver behavior reports generated by Geotab.

Better driving behavior can ultimately lead to less costs related to vehicle collisions as well as lower insurance rates over time.

4. Keep Your Customers Happier:

Improving your company’s overall quality of customer service can have long lasting benefits for your organization. While you may not see this sort of return on investment right away, in the long run a better reputation can bring you the ultimate ROI – more customers.

Test GPS Fleet Tracking for Your Business

Perhaps you’re still not convinced of a return on investment for your business. Luckily, GPS to GO makes it easy to test and measure the results, with no commitment. Get rolling with our Fleet Tracking GPS Trial Offer. Here’s how the $50 offer works.

  • Submit a GPS Fleet Tracking quote form here. We’ll give you a free demo as part of your quote.
  • We send you the GPS devices for you to test for your business.
  • When you’re ready to buy, the $50 is credited to your account.
  • There is no contract (ever), no commitment, no hassle and no pressure.

Start seeing the benefits today – get rolling with Geotab, the premier fleet tracking system in North America, from GPS to GO.

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Russ Salo, President

GPS to Go, Now You Know


Leading fleet managers are increasingly relying on data to get a competitive advantage, and vehicle fleet tracking through the use of a telematics system can benefit your business in several ways.

Of course, there is the reporting aspect of fleet tracking – sitting down at the end of the week, or each month, having a look at some easily-generated reports on the Geotab platform, and setting directives for the next period of time from there.

But many fleet managers who seem to get the most out of Geotab fleet tracking system use it on even a more active basis than that. As a fleet manager, Geotab puts the power of real-time fleet tracking in your hands. Here’s how it works, and the business benefits of having that ability.


Improve customer service.

Real-time fleet tracking gives you the ability to know where your drivers are at all times. And it’s not at all difficult to manage. Using the MyGeotab platform is very easy, even if you’re not all that familiar with computers – you’ll be a total pro in no time.

Using the information about where your drivers are, you can give your customers very accurate ETAs, improving both your reputation with your customers and their satisfaction with your visit.

Real-time tracking also gives you the power to pivot on the fly for urgent customer matters. Does an important customer need a service call ASAP? No problem. Just pull up your map and assign the closest driver to that location.

Have your drivers receive instant notifications for unsafe behavior.

Geotab is the most reliable way to actively correct your fleet’s poor driving behaviors. The systems can easily be set to provide in-cab notifications to actively correct a driver’s bad behaviors. They’re called in-vehicle audible alerts. The alerts are specifically designed to use sound in order to minimize any distracting element of them. They can also be left on or turned off at any time by the fleet manager, giving you ultimate control. Here, from the Geotab site, is how these alerts work.

In Vehicle Driver Coaching

Making it easy for your drivers to immediately improve their on-road driving behavior, the in-vehicle audible alerts notify drivers of unsafe or potentially risky driving events. Once the driver has corrected his or her driving behavior, such a reduction in speed, the interactive in-vehicle alerts will stop beeping. Helping your firm develop a fleet-wide safety program that works, you can easily view this information in real-time email or text message alerts.

Reduced costs and improved safety over time due to correcting bad habits.

One of the amazing things we see time and time again with customers who make the jump to GPS fleet tracking is how quickly the drivers willingly improve their behavior once the fleet tracking system is in place.

As an example of this, here’s one company that implemented Geotab on its vehicles with the goal to improve safety with GPS. The first day the units were installed, there were over 250 occurrences of moving vehicles without the drivers buckle up. Amazingly, within only one week, there were no more incidents. That’s how quickly change can take hold in your organization.

Automate route management.

The benefits of better route management are plainly obvious. Your drivers taking better routes to their sites means:

  • More accurate ETAs (happier customers);
  • Less money spent on fuel;
  • Potentially, reduced vehicle wear-and-tear over time;
  • Less time for your drivers on the road, more time at work locations… so you can reach more customers in a day.

As fleet manager, you can easily set routes on the My Geotab platform, which will then pop up right on your drivers’ consoles. Here’s an excellent rundown from Geotab on GPS route optimization.

Keep tabs on your vehicles, even when they’re off-the-clock.

Ideally, you would like to trust every single one of your employees as if you were family. But we know that that is, unfortunately, not always the case. Sometimes employees use the company’s vehicles for inappropriate purposes, unauthorized stops, or off-hours use. If that’s the case, real-time GPS tracking is a crucial part of your tool belt to correct that behavior. Using Geotab, you can actively track the location of each vehicle; or, generate reports for off-hours use on an ongoing basis.

Get Rolling with Real-Time Fleet Tracking Today.

Get rolling today with Geotab Fleet Tracking from GPS to GO. GPS to GO is your trusted supplier of Geotab Fleet Tracking Devices, and we make it easy to test out the value of telematics for your business with our $50 GPS Fleet Tracking Trial Offer. There’s no risk, no contract, no hassle and no obligation – so there’s no excuse to pass up the opportunity.

We send you the plug-and-play GPS device(s) for your vehicle. You test them. When you’re ready to purchase, we credit the $50 to your account. Still not sure? Request a quote on GPS fleet tracking, or see a demo first.


Happy Tracking,

Russ Salo, President

GPS to GO, Now You Know

Apart from all the fantastic business benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking, it can also have the effect of improving your driving behaviour.

A key part of establishing that improved behavior is to set standards for your drivers to reach. Geotab GPS Fleet Tracking devices produce easily understood data to support your program. Using the information, you can check in on drivers’ behavior regularly, and establish areas of improvement or take corrective action.

GPS Driver Standards

In this post, we’ll take a look at how some real-world companies have established and met improved driving standards among their vehicle operators. But first, let’s recap some of the business benefits to improving your drivers’ behavior on the roads.

The Benefits of Safer Driving:

Improving driver safety in your fleet has the potential to provide several benefits to your business. Some of these may include:

  • Lower costs relating to vehicle accidents, and ongoing costs stemming from collisions.
  • Lower fuel costs as a result of less aggressive driving behavior.
  • Reduced maintenance costs, and a possibly longer lifespan for your vehicles.
  • A better image for your company on the roads.
  • Depending on circumstances, the possibility of lower insurance rates.

Benchmarks to Improve with GPS Vehicle Tracking:

There may be any number of standards which you may wish to improve amongst your fleet of drivers, both to improve driver safety, and to improve efficiency as well.

Some common benchmarks that fleet managers use GPS vehicle tracking to improve on are as follows.

Reducing Idle Time: Geotab provides data on each driver’s idle times; knowing that it’s being monitored, your drivers will reduce the time they spend idling their vehicles – and wasting the company’s money.

Reducing Speeding Incidents: Geotab gives you the capability to set audible in-cab alerts to alert your drivers when they are speeding; there is also a Speed Report on the MyGeotab platform that’s easy to pull, and gives you a clear breakdown of each driver’s speed tendancies.

Off Hours Use of Vehicles: The MyGeotab platform provides easy-to-access Off-Hours Vehicle Use Reports. If your organization has its employees take their company vehicles home, there will be no more questions about how they’re using it while they’re not on the clock.

Reduce Overtime Hours Paid Out: As a result of the improved efficiency that many companies see in their employees after implementing GPS tracking, your employees may reach more customers in the same period of time, making for a reduction in overtime work.

Setting Standards for Drivers:

So, once you’ve established what you’re looking to improve on, how do you use Geotab to put the plan into action?

The first step to establishing improved standards is to open the lines of communications with everyone in the chain of command who can play a role in the chain. Getting everyone in your organization on board is crucial to improving your drivers’ metrics.

Next, you’ll have to establish a baseline of where you’re currently at. Whether that means running some calculations based on the information you have, or using the early days of your telematics data to establish your current situation, will depend on your company’s existing record keeping and particular needs.

Once you have some data about the current operations of your fleet, you can set benchmarks for improvement.

Finally, follow-through is crucial. Through the industry-best MyGeotab platform, assessing data is so easy, even if you have very little computer skills. With regular monitoring and communications with drivers regarding the standards you’re looking to improve, you’re very likely to see success. For some organizations, that change happens almost overnight.

Real-World Examples – How Companies Have Improved Their Driver Standards:

  • Here’s a transportation and logistics company that established increased driver standards around the same time they decided to implement GPS tracking devices in their fleet. They saw a 20% reduction in their accident costs, and several other operational benefits.
  • This landscaping company went into a pilot program with their insurance carrier to monitor and review data, in an effort to reduce insurance costs with GPS. The company regularly monitored the data, and took corrective action with drivers who were not meeting their standards. Infractions went down, speeding was reduced, the company’s trucks had less wear-and-tear, and the telematics information has allowed the organization to accurately project fuel costs, among other benefits.
  • A security services company with 800 vehicles on the road wanted safer driving in their fleet, and for their drivers to always wear their seatbelts. By monitoring data, they were able to open communications with their employees about using safer driving habits. The results were amazing. Making use of real-time alerts, reports, and communication with drivers, the incidents of drivers not wearing their seatbelts went from 250 occurrences in the first week, to zero in the next. As well, in one region, the improved driving standards had the incredible effect of reducing accidents by 80%.

Test the Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for Your Business:

There’s no better way to see the ways that GPS Fleet Tracking can improve your business’s operations, driver safety and bottom line than to test it for your own company.

GPS to GO makes it easier than ever with our $50 GPS Vehicle Tracking Trial Offer. It works like this: we’ll send you the plug and play devices to test on your vehicles. They install in seconds and you’ll be up and running in a flash. There’s no obligation, no hassle, and no contract to sign – it’s yours to test for your business.

When you’re ready to purchase, we’ll credit the $50 to your account. Get a fleet tracking quote, or just get rolling today with Geotab fleet tracking.

Happy tracking,

Russ Salo, President

GPS to Go, now you know

GPS vehicle tracking from Geotab gives your fleet a competitive advantage in several ways. In this post, we’ll look at how it can help you reach more customers, serving them more efficiently and providing better customer service.

First, let’s look at a real-world case study, and then we’ll look at how GPS Fleet Tracking can help your business reach more customers.

Reach More Customers with GPS Vehicle Tracking

Case Study: Boston Pizza Nanaimo

This case study from the Geotab site (PDF) discusses how Boston Pizza improved service out of its location in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.

  • Background: Store operator Jim Mercier wanted to ramp up efficiency for his fleet of 14 drivers, making use of 5 vehicles. During busy periods, he had no way of knowing how long it would take drivers to return to the store, so he wasn’t able to manage the staff efficiently.
  • The Results: Because of the improved fleet management, the store was able to double their deliveries. From the case study:

“On busy nights when Boston Pizza Nanaimo is averaging 40-45 deliveries a night, Mercier can check the status of his drivers and prepare the food ahead of time. Once a driver is close enough, he saves even more time by bringing the food directly to the driver. “It was an expense that at first I thought was a luxury, but as I got the system going I grew my business because of it.”

  • Not only did Mercier see great improvements in terms of managing his drivers, but there were a number of other benefits as well – namely, improving the driving behaviour of his staff.

Reach More Customers

That case study sums up how having more information about your drivers’ locations can help a company reach more customers in the same amount of time. Here’s a little more detail on some of the factors that add up to improved efficiency from your fleet.

  • Better route managementRoute management is so crucial, especially for fleet managers who have their drivers making frequent stops in urban areas. Geotab gives you the power to make the right calls.
  • Assign the Best Route: Automatically assign the best route to drivers, or assign the driver that’s closest to the customers’ locations to take urgent calls.
  • Better management of drivers’ schedules: Having better data at your fingertips allows for more precise driver scheduling; cut down on overtime cost, company time lost to idling, and non-productive time on the company clock.
  • Allocate your resources as efficiently as possible: Reaching more customers in the same amount of time can cut down on your labor costs. And knowing that they’re being monitored, your staff will work more efficiently – many Geotab users see reduced idle times in their fleet, and reduce or eliminate unauthorized usage of your company’s vehicles.

More Real-World Examples

The results you’ll see from implementing Geotab fleet tracking will be tangible for your business’s bottom line. Still not sure? Check out some previous case studies here on the GPS to GO site, like:

As great as this all sounds, also keep in mind that fleet tracking provides benefits that extend far beyond fleet efficiency; from lowering fuel costs to improving vehicle maintenance, security and driver safety, GPS fleet tracking is the all-encompassing solution to bring your fleet to the next level.

Get Started with GPS Fleet Tracking

See the benefits of fleet tracking first hand, and try it out for your business with GPS to GO’s $50 fleet tracking trial offer! There’s no hassle, no contract and no obligation. Here’s how it works: We send you the Geotab devices, and you can test them out for your companies. Cancel anytime if you’re not 100% convinced. When you’re ready to buy, the $50 will be credited to your account.

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GPS to GO, now you know