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How-To Articles on using our GPS devices and software to get the most out of their functionality and capabilities.

One of the many things that sets Geotab apart from the pack when it comes to GPS Fleet Tracking is its integration with add-ons, accessories and apps. Apps allow you, as the fleet manager, to download a variety of add-ons that use the data your Geotab devices collect, in all sorts of different ways.

That’s on the software side of things. On the hardware side, there are some incredible options out there on the market now that integrate with your existing Geotab system to add to its benefits as an all-in-one fleet management solution.

gps apps and add-ons

To help you better understand how these all can be used, let’s explore the broad categories of apps, add-ons and solutions available on the Geotab Marketplace – which is, essentially, an app store for your Geotab device. Many of these are free to download and integrate.

MyGeotab Add-Ins: These can be integrated with the MyGeotab platform to give you access to more info, or lay out the information in different ways.

Hardware Accessories & Add-Ons: For the most part, these are physical add-ons to your Geotab fleet tracking devices, adding features like video monitoring, temperature monitoring, in-vehicle feedback, or a range of other options.

Mobile Apps: Seamlessly integrate features from Geotab with you, or your drivers’, existing mobile apps.

General Software Solutions: Apps grouped in this section cover a variety of purposes and uses.

Now, let’s take a look at a few of these third party options that really illustrate the range of the functionality you can add to your Geotab GPS fleet tracking system and MyGeotab management platform. Keep in mind, there are many, many more apps and options available on the Geotab Marketplace, so definitely be sure to check it out for yourself.

  • Greenmile: Improve Route Planning & Execution
    This route optimization app/reporting platform allows you to efficiently measure the effectiveness of your routes. It makes use of Geotab’s real-time telematics data, in combination with industry-leading routing software.

    Developer GreenMile describes it as delivering: “Vehicle telematics & GPS data, route execution, real-time actual vs plan (AvP) data, and vehicle tracking all from within the same application.”


  • Geotab Drive. Geotab Drive is the industry-leading solution for electronic onboard Hours of Service Tracking. It integrates seamlessly with your existing Geotab fleet tracking devices, so that it automatically logs when your drivers’ status changes to It’s the truly modern HOS tracking platform, and best of all, it comes in around 70% less of the cost than the competition. Check out more info on our HOS Tracking app page.

  • Driver’s Camera (Zone Defence) A high-resolution camera that installs in minutes. Front facing and in-cab cameras are both options. This provides telematics information, photographic evidence and coaching opportunities. Cameras can be triggered by pre-set events, such as speeding, sudden stops and more. And the Zone Defence system seamlessly links right into your MyGeotab platform, adding another layer to Geotab as an all-in-one fleet management solution.

  • fleetFLIX . Currently in beta testing but coming on the market soon, fleetFLIX offers video and pictures on demand from fleet vehicles at the press of a button in the software or with automated monitoring of exceptions. Video monitoring is a feature that’s gathering increasing interest, so keep an eye out for more apps to come along these lines.

  • Remote Diagnostics (OnCommand Connection by Navistar). Remote Diagnostics makes use of the Geotab SDK, providing managers with a comprehensive update regarding their vehicles maintenance needs. Fleet managers are alerted whenever there’s a fault code fed through the system, allowing you to easier manage your fleet’s maintenance costs, downtime and repair decisions.

  • Advanced Collision Prevention (Mobileye): Mobileye attaches to the inside of the driver’s windshield and links with your Geotab device. It is built to reduce the amount of accidents and severity of accidents in your fleet by providing audible alerts in the event of an imminent collision. These threats can also include other safety hazards, such as improper lane changes, or not leaving enough of a gap between other vehicles. Through its integration with the Geotab platform, the data is transmitted to the fleet manager, who can then take a number of courses with the information and apply corrective action.

  • Maps BI – Interactive Dashboards: Maps BI utilizes your existing Geotab data to provide instant access to highly-visual, beautiful and easy-to-understand dashboards. The pre-loaded dashboards shine a spotlight on important aspects of your fleet management, such as route optimization, safety, customer management and more; all while making use of graphs, charts and other visual elements to make the data easy to understand – and act upon.

  • Reefer Temperature Monitoring (Valor TempTrac): Companies who deliver frozen goods, or high-value assets such as pharmaceuticals via refrigerated transport need to make sure that their refrigeration is operating correctly, or risk taking a massive hit. Valor TempTrac is an add-in to your Geotab unit that allows you to do exactly that. It monitors up to four temperature zones simultaneously and transmits temperature readings through your device to MyGeotab in real time. It’s just one more way that Geotab can function as an all-in-one fleet tracking and management solution for your fleet.

    Get Rolling with Your Fleet Management

    Take your fleet tracking to the next level. It’s easy to get started with Geotab GPS. Take advantage of our famous $50 GPS trial offer. Here’s how it works: We send you the devices to try on your fleet; you try them out. They are plug-and-play and install in literally seconds. When you’re ready to buy, we we credit your account for $50 per trial device. There’s no contract, no hassle, and no obligation.

    Once you’re set up, you can test and experiment with all the apps, add-ins and accessories that help make Geotab a perfect fleet management tool for your business.

    What are you waiting for? Get rolling today!

    Russ Salo, President

    GPS to GO, Now You Know

Fleet operators in the United States are bound by the regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) which is currently working to release a new set of Hours of Service (HOS) rules and regulations that carriers in the United States must follow.

The regulations will see a shift from the old style of paper logs to dictating that all carriers must record and provide hours of service automatically and electronically.

The new regulation means that it’s a great time to jump aboard the GPS fleet tracking movement, as Geotab offers tools that make compliant HOS tracking easy, in addition to all the other business benefits of GPS fleet tracking.

Geotab Drive – The App That Makes HOS Easy

Launched in 2014, Geotab Drive turns your driver’s smartphone or tablet into an hours of service reporting terminal.

Hours of Service

The Drive app links seamlessly with your Geotab device and integrates with the Geotab software platform. It is available for both Apple (iOS) and Android platforms. It can also be found on Geotab’s app marketplace – be sure to check that link out and take a look at all the amazing add-ons and apps available for your Geotab system!

Here are some of the advantages of making use of Geotab Drive for hours of service reporting:

  • Automatically create accurate records of the driver’s status, which can be:
    • Driving
    • On Duty, Not Driving
    • Sleeper Berth
    • Off Duty
  • Easy installation, easy to use, and simplifies the drivers’ day
  • Creates more accurate reports than traditional paper logs
  • Fleet supervisor has access to the driver’s availability
  • Save fleet managers over 60 hours of man-time from having to administer driver logs

Why Use Geotab and the Geotab Drive app for HOS?

Reporting on Hours of Service can be a burdensome task for your drivers, which can have a negative impact on productivity. Why have your team manually filing reports with pen and paper, when you can have it done automatically for them with Geotab? Improve employee moral, and make your business more effective with Geotab Drive.

Geotab is the easiest product to install on the market and get rolling into your fleet. Geotab installs in seconds! Geotab is also compatible with your existing Apple iOS iPhones, and Android smartphones.

More great Geotab benefits include:

  • Easily collect and manage data from your fleet
  • Improved richness of data
  • Access to partner add-ons and solutions through the Geotab Marketplace for added functionality
  • File forms and dispatch information directly from the app interface
  • Built-in GPS navigation
  • New Pro Plus Live view

All of this and more, all for a much lower cost than the competition!

How the app works

Because of the app’s integration with the Geotab device, it has the ability to automatically log when vehicles are moving. This means that while drivers can manually set their status (which they must do when they switch to sleeper berth or off duty), the app will automatically switch status from On Duty to Driving and vice versa.

The driver is also able to apply exemptions such as Adverse Weather or their 16-hour Exemption with the push of a button.

At the end of the day, the driver can verify their logs from an easy, convenient menu. The fleet manager or supervisor can then sign off on those logs within a 14-day period.

In addition to Hours of Service tracking, the Drive app also offers support for Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR).

Safety Features:

The app alerts the driver every half-an-hour, starting when they have 2 hours remaining, of when they’re coming up to a mandatory rest period.

By regulation, the app switches the phone/tablet to Lock Screen when it is in drive mode, ensuring the driver stays undistracted, and remains aware of the road resulting in safer driving.

See For Yourself:

Check out this video below that shows how easy it is for your drivers to get started using the Geotab Drive app. If you’re interested in an HOS reporting solution, it’s a must-watch!

If you have any questions about the Geotab Drive app, feel free to contact us today.

HOS Reporting – Another Reason to Join the Fleet Tracking Revolution

Get your fleet compliant with the new HOS regulations in the easiest way possible. In addition to seamless, easy Hours of Service reporting, the Geotab GPS Fleet Tracking system can lower fleet costs, save money, and improve on your bottom line!

At GPS to GO, we make it so easy to get started. Get rolling with our $50 Fleet Tracking Trial Offer. How it works is very simple:

trial offer
We send you the devices to try on your fleet.
You try them out (plug and play, installs in seconds).
When you’re ready to purchase, we credit your account for $50 per trial device.
It’s that simple to take your business to the next level. Read more about the business benefits of GPS fleet tracking, or get rolling with our $50 trial offer today!

Russ Salo, President

GPS to GO, Now You Know


Route management is one of the most important factors in running a successful fleet. Getting your drivers to take the best possible routes to go from one work location to the next provides several benefits to your company’s bottom line:

  • Your company can reach more customers in a day;
  • You can save money on fuel costs; and
  • You can reduce wear on your vehicles from added driving.

The Best Solution for Improved Route Management

Download your FREE whitepaper today, and see multiple examples of how you can make the most out of your route management through GPS tracking.


trial offer


And implementing a Geotab fleet tracking system provides benefits for business far beyond just route management. If you want to see results immediately, take advantage of our $50 trial offer now!

Put your business on the right route to success today.

GPS to GO, now you know

When you think of GPS tracking for business, you might think of large companies with hundreds of vehicles on the road. But you shouldn’t overlook the value that fleet tracking can provide to smaller businesses, even those companies that only have a few vehicles on the road. In fact, the reality is that most ‘fleets’ are small, with 10 vehicles or less. For small fleets, GPS tracking can be big asset.

gps tracking for small business

Fleet tracking for small business can give you a leg up on your competition in a competitive market… and there’s never been a better time for small business owners to get on board. Here are a few reasons why.

Getting Started is Easy, and Cost-Effective

GPS tracking from Geotab is the most cost-effective solution today. After you request a quote for GPS Tracking, we schedule a virtual demo session with you. There, we’ll show you how to get you started, some of the powerful (but easy-to-use features), and suggest some features of Geotab that might really help your company’s bottom line. We’ll also answer each and every question you have about fleet tracking!

It’s not hard to learn it.

Geotab is designed with everyday fleet managers in mind. You don’t need a ton of technical expertise – in fact, if you’re savvy enough to have navigated to this web page, you probably know enough to use the MyGeotab platform.

You can customize it how you want it.

Geotab stands apart from the other GPS Fleet tracking solutions available on the market today, especially for small businesses needing different sorts of tracking solutions. The Geotab platform is easy enough for a beginner, but has the feature-set to generate complex reports.

It can help you shave your margins

As an owner, operator or manager of a small business, you understand that there’s often a fine line between profitability and loss. Implementing GPS fleet tracking devices in your vehicles is a sure way to shave the overhead waste that’s a drain on many small fleets (click the links for real-world case studies):

There’s no commitment to get started.

Whether you’re operating a fleet of 4 vehicles, or 400 vehicles, Geotab is the perfect all-in-one fleet tracking solution for your company.

At GPS to GO, we make it so easy to get started. Get rolling with our $50 Fleet Tracking Trial Offer. How it works is very simple:

  • We send you the devices to try on your fleet.
  • You try them out (plug and play, installs in seconds).
  • When you’re ready to purchase, we credit your account for $50 per trial device.

It’s that simple to take your business to the next level. Read more about the business benefits of GPS fleet tracking, or get rolling with our $50 trial offer today.

Happy Tracking,

Russ Salo, President

GPS to GO, Now You Know

Implementing GPS Fleet Tracking into your company can provide a huge range of benefits for your business – everything from reduced costs to improved customer service – and it can certainly make your employees more productive. But can it actually make your drivers happier? The answer may surprise you.

improve employee morale

How Can Telematics Help?

In any role where you spend the majority of your workday on your own, perhaps only interacting with customers, there’s the possibility for frustration to set in.

Put yourself in this scenario: you’re working harder than ever, pushing to be more productive. You’re reaching more clients in a day. You’re not spending time idling, and you’re driving safely. You’ve made a personal effort to be the best, most efficient employee in the company…

… and your boss actually has no idea about any of this.

In that type of situation, it’s easy to see how not being monitored can actually be a potential source of frustration. As noted in this blog post, How Fleet Managers Can Manage and Improve Employee Satisfaction with Telematics:

With such isolated and independent work, it can be challenging to recognize and reward stellar and loyal employees to provide motivation and pride. Telematics provides strong metrics as well as the flexibility to single out and track what behavior to reward, while providing clear goals for drivers to find motivation and a challenge in. For example, recognizing and even rewarding drivers with the least number of a specific exception violations will provide the management awareness they are seeking.

The Telematics Tools of the Trade

Thinking this way is a bit of a 180 from the way we often think of GPS Fleet Tracking – as a tool to mitigate bad driver behavior. The fact is, it’s also a tremendous tool to reward good driver behavior.

And the beauty of fleet tracking is, you can use one system to accomplish both goals at the same time. Best of all, it’s really, really simple to easily view the data and make quick judgments. Here are a few screens that show how simple it is.

This is an example of a basic dashboard screen. It’s useful for quickly getting a sense of who’s performing best, and where your fleet can improve on the whole (click to enlarge).

my geotab dashboard


Here is the Risk Management report – another simple way to check out who’s driving well, and who could be driving safer (names blurred out in this example report). Default statistics include information such as average speed, amount of times speeding, idling time, overall trips and after hours trips (click to enlarge).


risk management



Once you get a little more comfortable with the MyGeotab interface, you may want to delve deeper into some of the reporting. Here’s a detailed look at the factors that make up the Driver Score attribute (click to enlarge).


driver score geotab


Rewarding Your Good Drivers

There are many more reports you can utilize to assess the performance of your drivers. Rewarding drivers for some of the following statistics (easily trackable through Geotab) may be a good starting point for such a reward system:

  • Least times speeding;
  • Least amount of idling time;
  • Least off-hours use;
  • Most amount of trips;
  • Smoothest driving (least amount of harsh braking/accelerating)

Those are just a few ideas, but really, the possibilities are just about endless.

Start Improving Your Employee Morale Today

Your employees want to know that you’re not only keeping an eye out for bad behavior – but that you’re actively rewarding your best employees. By nature, it’s been tough in the past to do that when your employees are spread out through the city, region, or even the country.

With GPS Fleet Tracking from Geotab, it’s not tough anymore – it’s remarkably straightforward.

Make the first steps towards improving the morale of your hardest workers and try our famous $50 Geotab Fleet Tracking Trial Offer today.

Here’s how it works:

  • We send you the device(s) (plug and play)
  • You try them out on your vehicle or vehicles.
  • When you’re ready to buy, we credit $50 per device to your account.
  • If you’re not 100% convinced of its value, no worries – there’s no obligation, no contracts to sign, and you can cancel anytime.

You’ve got nothing to lose, so get your trial devices today, and take your business to the next level with Geotab GPS fleet tracking, provided by GPS to GO.

Happy Tracking,

Russ Salo, president

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