Welcoming Our Customers

We recently had the pleasure of outfitting the local Merry Maids franchise here in Ottawa with 6 of our GO5 GPS Tracking units.

This was a real treat for a summers morning installation. We met Stephanie the Office Manager at 08:00 and before you could say “Clean Up” we had all 6 Merry Maids cars all installed with GO5 GPS units. Merry Maids had been using GPS in the past from 2 different cellular providers and was looking for a change.

By 08:25 all six cars were off on their respective cleaning runs for the day & we went inside to do the live training on the Geotab Checkmate web portal.

Whew!….. it’s getting warm and the swimming pool season is here. GPS to Go is delighted to take on a new customer “Splash Pools & Arctic Spas.

Operations manager Mike Collins called on us after a friend had referred them to us. We have installed 5 of the GO5 compacts in Splashs’ service vans.

Thank you Mike for choosing GPS to Go!

Here we see a really nice and effective way to install the GO5 Compact GPS unit into a Big Rig Tractor Trailer with the use of our plug in cable for heavy vehicles.

With a tie wrap and the 9 pin connection cable, as you can see plugged here into the dash of this truck. We had this big rig up and tracking in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to everyone over at Abbotsford Ability Moving & Storage for choosing GPS to GO.



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Happy tracking,

Russ Salo, President

GPS to GO, now you know

Ottawa City Fire Station # 84 had us in to present to them the current state of GPS Tracking & Garmin GPS Navigation units. We had a classroom of 12 in attendance to ask questions and hear company President Russ Salo talk about these topics.

Fire Station #84 also then had GPS to Go to recommend & supply new Garmin Nav units to them for two of their pumper trucks.

A big thank you to Firefighter Mike Briggs and Station Capt. Johnson for your hospitality and business!




Happy tracking,

Russ Salo, President

GPS to GO, now you know