Company & Community

Here we are at the “Chum Media Market Mall” to record the next customer segment (with CEO Adam Sarumi)  for our new lineup of commercials on the TEAM 1200.


This campaign will focus around the GPS to GO questions:

  • Are you frustrated with the increasing price of gas to run company vehicles?
  • Would you like control where your vehicles & staff really go?
  • When did your staff really start & end their work days?

Each week now, radio listeners can hear the 10 second ads featuring our many happy GPS customers that tell why they use GPS to GO – in their own words!

Every year the president of GPS to Go, Russ Salo, is very excited to be able to chair the Pleasant Park Public School annual family night BBQ. This year was too much fun and the weather plus a fantastic roster of teachers & parent volunteers made this years event a smash! Thanks to the Co-Chair Dave Armstrong for his unwavering support and dedication ( plus he really rocks the big gas grill). Here is the picture of our President’s son Richard with one of his dear friends from Russ’ Shrine clown unit Bob “Big Squirt” Conrad (sorry folks but Russ was unable to don his own Shriner clown costume as “Waffles”)

See you all in 2012 (June 8th I believe we decided)

P.S. And if you are curious, here is the picture of our President, Russ Salo as a clown from another event.

Ride for Dad event has grown over the years to be a huge National event (we remember when it was just 25 or so bikers just in the Ottawa Valley area )

GPS to Go was so honored this year to receive Community Builder Award for supplying free GPS Tracking for the National chase vehicle “Big Bertha” which allowed participants across the country to look live through our website and see where the ride was in real time. No more looking longingly down the highway wondering when they were gonna show up.

GPS to Go .. now you know!