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A common objections we face from business owners in our efforts to spread the GPS fleet tracking revolution is, ‘my drivers won’t be happy about it.’

In reality, implementing a GPS fleet tracking solution is a great way to reward your best drivers, while correcting the behavior of your drivers that have negative habits or attitudes.

Of course, hiring new drivers and replacing old ones can drain your resources and be disruptive to your core operations, so you want to keep your good employees happy and minimize that employee churn. And making use of Geotab GPS fleet tracking can be an excellent way to retain your best and brightest.

It might seem counter to what you would think, so let’s look at how that works.



How Geotab Helps You Keep Your Drivers Happy

Heather Carlton of Geotab suggests that there are five main reasons that drivers leave their employers:

  • Compensation or mileage
  • Lack of home time
  • Weak dispatch and load planning
  • Not happy with manager or supervisor
  • Policies and procedures

Now let’s take a look at how integrating a GPS fleet tracking solution can address some of those issues, improving your company’s culture and helping you hang on to the best workers in your fleet.

Rewarding Your Best Drivers

So let’s say you’ve decided for sure that you’re implementing a solution like Geotab — as an employee, you can understand the benefits of GPS fleet tracking, and the need to make employees accountable for their behavior and their actions.

Any good driver should welcome that with open arms. And drivers who put up a fuss, well… just maybe, they have less-than-honorable reasons for not wanting to be held accountable.

Rather than simply correcting the behavior of your drivers with negative habits (like speeding, idling and the like), you can use GPS tracking data to reward your good drivers. These rewards could include things like the least amount of times that the GPS tracking device detects incidents of speeding, or behavioral issues like the least amount of off-hours use of the vehicle. With Geotab, you have the data you need to get the full picture of your fleet, and make sure your best drivers stick around for the long haul.

Improving route management with GPS Fleet Tracking

A productive employee is, most likely, a happy employee. And nothing increases efficiency and productivity like route management by a Geotab GPS tracking device.

Here’s how Geotab improves route planning and route management:

  • Allows the fleet manager to see where drivers are at all times, allowing them to dispatch the closest one to important calls
  • Provides real-time traffic updates to drivers, so they waste less time and are less frustrated.
  • Allows for better fuel stop coordination
  • Prevents drivers from getting lost and frustrated in unfamiliar areas.
  • More efficiency during working hours can lead to less of a need for overtime hours – giving employees more work-life balance, and reducing costs for fleet managers.

Better routes, and improved productivity: now that’s something both employer and employee can get behind.

Building better policies, procedures and communication

Here are some other benefits that your best employees will appreciate from your GPS fleet management system.

  • Allows for seamless and regular communication between fleet manager and driver;
  • Provides fleet managers with the data they need to modify or improve existing processes, for the benefit of your staff of drivers and the company as a whole
  • Or review employee performance reports together at a later date.

Know which employees are performing best so you can reward and motivate them further.

Improve Your Company Culture with GPS Fleet Tracking

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C&C Group is a facility services company with operations throughout Kansas and Missouri, including the Kansas City and St. Louis metro areas. A few years back, the company had an important concern to address within their fleet: the safety of its employees. An off-duty incident inspired this family-owned operation to look into ways to make things safer for their loyal staff. Since implementing Geotab GPS Fleet tracking into their fleet of 75 vehicles, they’ve seen several other great benefits relating to not only safety, but fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, reduced idling times and more.



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How It Worked for Them:

The company put Geotab plug-and-play fleet tracking devices to work in their trucks in an effort to improve safety metrics at the company. After two years, here’s what they’ve found:

  • Seat belt use within their fleet is now actively monitored, as are other safe driving concerns, such as speeding.
  • The company has found telematics data extremely useful for the company in dismissing frivolous claims of damage from other drivers on the road. With the rich set of data provided, they can accurately assess the legitimacy of claims. In some cases, they’ve even been able to prove that their own fleet drivers are not where the complainant drivers are claiming they are.
  • As they’ve become more familiar with the features that Geotab provides access to, they’ve been making use of all sorts of data and fleet reports tracked by the GPS units – among them, idling reports, vehicle maintenance tracking and, in particular, fuel consumption. While C&C Group jumped into fleet tracking with an eye towards safely, they’ve since gained an understanding of all the tremendous business benefits of GPS tracking.

A Better Way to Monitor Fuel Consumption & Mileage:

Before they implemented and integrated telematics data provided by Geotab GPS tracking into their fleet, C&C would rely on manual odometer recordings from their drivers to track fuel consumption. Since coming on board with Geotab, the company is now able to see exact fuel consumption details. This allows for much more precise measurement and forecasting of fuel costs – and allowing them to account for both fuel costs, and driver behavior.

Mileage tracking has also proved useful for vehicle maintenance purposes: dispatchers are now able to send their drivers accurate reminders of when their company vehicle is due for an oil change, for example.

Get Rolling Today:

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Safe drivers and operators are essential for any fleet manager, and that goes double for any company that delivers potentially hazardous materials. In the case of Fueliner, a petroleum delivery company based in the Midwest, safety was a driving factor in their decision to implement Geotab GPS fleet tracking into their fleet of over 20 trucks.

Aside from monitoring and improving driver behavior, HOS tracking (hours of service) was a key feature that the company was looking for when they were upgrading their telematics from a previous provider.

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  • Improved Driver Behavior: By using data tracked by the Geotab units, the company is able to easily provide drivers with a monthly report of their driving behavior, along with recommendations for improvement. Through positive reinforcement, drivers have naturally improved their behavior – reducing harsh braking, incidents of speeding, and more.
  • They have used the HOS tracking functionality to prove compliance with the Department of Transport.
  • The fleet managers and dispatchers make use of powerful MyGeotab functionality to set schedules, and track fleet vehicles in real-time.
  • The company has used Geotab to prove that their driver was not at fault during a collision dispute.
  • They’ve additionally used it to track idle times, time card reports, and maintenance schedules, improving overall fleet efficiency.


Above and beyond the long-term cost savings acquired by increased fleet efficiency, the company has seen significant insurance savings. According to Bill Skinner, Fueliner’s safety director:

“Thanks to Geotab, Fueliner hasn’t seen a premium increase for the last five years, saving the company around $177,000 in insurance costs annually.”


Get rolling with GPS tracking by Geotab, provided by GPS to GO.   Our famous $50 trial offer allows you to try GPS tracking with no contract. It works like so: we send you the plug-and-play devices. They install in seconds. You try the device or devices for your fleet. When you’re ready to purchase, just let us know and we’ll credit the $50 to your account. (And we’re confident you will like what you see – if not, no obligation and no hassle, and with GPS to GO, there’s never any contracts.)

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GPS to GO, Now You Know


Route management is one of the most important factors in running a successful fleet. Getting your drivers to take the best possible routes to go from one work location to the next provides several benefits to your company’s bottom line:

  • Your company can reach more customers in a day;
  • You can save money on fuel costs; and
  • You can reduce wear on your vehicles from added driving.

The Best Solution for Improved Route Management

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And implementing a Geotab fleet tracking system provides benefits for business far beyond just route management. If you want to see results immediately, take advantage of our $50 trial offer now!

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GPS to GO, now you know

Fleets ranging from a few vehicles up to thousands of vehicles can see substantial benefits by making use of Geotab GPS Tracking. For Southern Wine & Spirits of America, which runs a fleet of 2,200 vehicles serving 187,000 customers across 35 states, that has certainly been the case.

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Running such a large fleet requires a great deal of organization, logistics, and these days, technology, to ensure that customers’ needs are met. Orders are often delivered the same or next day after being placed.

That means that each day, there are new routes, new stops and new schedules. This requires balancing a number of concerns that are common to many companies in the distribution space with a need to improve productivity with GPS tracking such as:

  • Optimizing routes
  • Planning stops
  • Monitoring vehicle availability
  • Managing vehicle maintenance
  • Enforcing driver scheduling

The solution: Geotab Fleet Tracking

“One reason we chose Geotab is because their hardware allowed us easily to integrate with our routing software — enabling us to optimize our routing based on feedback from the location information provided by the telematics” – Larry Sullivan, VP of Fleet, Safety & Compliance, Southern Wine & Spirits of America

Southern has been using Geotab as its go-to fleet tracking solution for four years now. Some of the uses and benefits it has provided include:

  • Improved route timing. The company uses a routing software that seamlessly integrates with Geotab. In fact, one of the big advantages that Geotab has over other products is its incredible support of third-party software and apparatus.

    Larry Sullivan, the company’s VP of Fleet, Safety & Compliance, told that the platform’s ease of integration was a big factor behind their choice of Geotab.

    “One reason we chose Geotab is because their hardware allowed us easily to integrate with our routing software — enabling us to optimize our routing based on feedback from the location information provided by the telematics,” he said.
  • Significant reduction in idling time, leading to financial savings. When the company began to examine its drivers patterns, it recognized additional cost-saving opportunities and the opportunity to reach more customers in a day – ultimately leading to a more productive fleet.
  • Improved driver behavior through a reduction in speeding and events such as hard stops, fast starts, etc. Not only is this a driver safety issue, it’s a product quality issue, as their cargo consists largely of breakable glass bottles.
  • Increased safety through the use of seatbelt monitoring.
  • Better accountability for the drivers’ behavior and whereabouts in the event of a dispute or collision on the roads.

The company has also began to experiment with using data collected from the Geotab platform to monitor and reduce its fuel consumption in order to maximize their return on investment through the device.

Business Benefits for Companies Large and Small

Whether you’re running a local operation, a regional organization or a national powerhouse, Geotab GPS tracking is flexible to your needs. Take a look at some of the benefits of GPS for business and put your company on the fast track to fleet success today.
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