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Looking to select an ELD solution that is perfect for your organizational needs and structure? When fleet managers implement the proper ELD solution they’re ultimately setting the company, its operations and its drivers up for success. How so you might ask? ELD solutions ensure that you’re adhering to government regulations, are mandate compliant, increase overall safety and boost efficiencies and productivity dramatically.

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Still tracking your company’s “hours of service” manually?

The federal government knows the importance of E-logs and has been working towards transitioning from traditional paper logs to electronic format. With plans to mandate E-logs, their implementation is inevitable and ultimately for the well-being of all those who share the road. Things are more pressing if you’re from the United States or a Canadian driver who works cross border. The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) have provided commercial motor carriers and truck drivers a deadline of December 2017 to implement certified ELDs to record Hours of Service (HOS).

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Do you know about the additional devices that can sync with your Geotab? We’re here to tell you how to make your fleet tracking even more efficient by exploring add-ins.

Once you have a Geotab device installed and working in your vehicle(s), you will realize how much easier it is making your fleet tracking! After your Geotab is running, it might be time to take your tracking one step further with video camera tracking.

Driver’s Camera is a great add-in that you can have work directly with your Geotab software. It has both front and in-cab facing cameras, and it is also a plug-and-play device similar to the Geotab. As an added bonus, it offers the camera with high resolution and with night vision effects.

What can this device help you do?

  • It can help record events by date as well as location
  • It can also tune into the cars audio through a microphone
  • The device can save video, audio, and photos straight to your desktop
  • Record opportunities for improvements with staff including driver’s fatigue, smoking, or cell phone use
  • Help protect your organization and driver in case of an accident with photos, video, and audio files

Check out more about the Driver’s Camera device and all the great features it offers here. Also, learn more about other add-ins that can be integrated with your Geotab device here.

GPS Tracking for your Fleet

Ready to get some more info on what makes Geotab the best in the business? Request a quote or book a demo today.

Or, take advantage of our $50 Geotab Fleet Tracking Trial Offer today.

Here’s how it works:

  • We send you the device(s) (plug and play)
  • You try them out on your vehicle or vehicles.
  • When you’re ready to buy, we credit $50 per device to your account.
  • If you’re not 100% convinced of its value, no worries – there’s no obligation, no contracts to sign, and you can cancel anytime.

You’ve got nothing to lose, so get your trial devices today, and take your business to the next level with Geotab GPS fleet tracking, provided by GPS to GO.

Happy Tracking,

Russ Salo, president

GPS to GO, Now You Know.

Did you know that you have access to FREE apps in the GeoTab Marketplace? There are hundreds of apps and add-on solutions designed to help you better understand your fleet and find ways to optimize spending and operations. You can learn more about the Geotab Marketplace here or start browsing some of the possibilities for themselves on the Marketplace.

The proper tools to manage your drivers and vehicles can help make a big difference on your bottom line, and that’s exactly what we’re here to help you do at GPS to GO.

With so many solutions out there to help your Fleet we thought we would help you narrow it down! Here are 5 Free Apps that you can download and use today to help your business:

1. Top 5 Speeding Violations – This App can help a fleet manager by running and emailing then a report on a daily, weekly or monthly basis! The report shows the top 5 drivers (or vehicles) with the highest number of speeding notifications within a pre-set time period. This can help you increase fleet safety and give you better driver knowledge.

2. Average Fuel Economy – This is a great App for Fleet Managers who want to decrease their fuel costs and can help lead to a more efficient and profitable business. This App gives you an easy to understand visualization of the average fuel economy in your fleet based on either L/100km, MPG US, MPG IMP, KML.

3. Last 3 Months Idling Trend – Interested in knowing how much your vehicles are being idled? This App can help you do just that with a report that gets emailed straight to you. Last 3 Months Idling Trend is designed to measure the total idling time over a 3 month period. This can be useful for Fleet Managers to view the total idle time, spot trends, and get a quick 3 month snapshot of their fleet.

4. Last 3 Months Mileage Trend – Similar to the Last 3 Months Idling Trend App, this App gives you the same time period snapshot of how many total miles were driven for a whole fleet. This App allows easy to spot trends and view the total mileage driven by a fleet over a 3 month period. Used together these Apps can help give Fleet Managers a quick summary of how their fleet is doing.

5. Top 5 Seatbelt Violations  – This App will display the 5 drivers (or vehicles) that drove without using their seatbelts within a specific time period. A Fleet Manager could run this report on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as an email report or simply by viewing the dashboard. This can help give the Fleet Manager greater insight into their drivers and be used to increase fleet safety.

Get Rolling on Making Your Fleet Safer!

Get GPS tracking for your business to make your fleet safer, and improve your bottom line. Try Geotab Fleet Tracking from GPS to GO with our $50 trial offer. It’s easy: we send you the GPS devices to try out. There’s no obligation, and when you’re ready to purchase, we’ll credit the $50 to your account. Get rolling today!

Happy tracking,

Russ Salo, President

GPS to GO, now you know