Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking For Your Business!

There is no question that adopting GPS fleet tracking for your company vehicles will help your business. The benefits to be had a clear, tangible, and close at hand. Yet, not all business owners or fleet managers know all the benefits to be had, so that’s where we come in to educate you on.

Here are some of the main benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for Your Fleet Vehicles!

GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits

  1. Check on your team at anytime: with a GPS fleet tracking system, you can check on your drivers’ positions at any time. This can be to ensure they’re on route or on time, as well as to determine very accurately how far away they are from a destination. So if they are a delivery vehicle, this also means you can provide customers with accurate delivery times, which they will surely appreciate. You can also check to make sure drivers’ are not idling or taking detours.
  2. Run reports on your vehicles: you can run all kinds of reports with our GPS fleet tracking software, giving you useful insights into the efficiency of your fleet. You can check idle times for vehicles, hard braking or sharp turns to determine if drivers are driving safely, as well as generate fuel tax reports and much more.
  3. Plan routes more effectively: GPS fleet tracking allows you to best determine which driver is in the best position for the task. It allows you to calculate the most efficient route for all your drivers for maximum efficiency within the fleet.
  4. Decrease costs and make more money: A GPS fleet tracking system will save you on fuel costs, improve driver safety (and lower insurance premiums), improve your customer service, increase productivity and overall efficiency, and ultimately, increase profits for the business.

PLUS! Our GPS tracking devices can be installed on vehicles in a matter of seconds, so getting setup and running requires no downtime and little effort.

Interested in a GPS tracking solution for your business? Contact our Ontario head office by calling 1-613-695-0444 or submitting an online inquiry here.

Happy tracking,

Russ Salo, President
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