Video Interview on Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking with The Maids, Ottawa

Below is a video interview between Russ Salo, president and owner of GPS to GO, and Paul St. John, owner of The Maids Ottawa franchise.



Here is a summary of the video:

The Reason that The Maids Ottawa first looked into GPS Fleet Tracking

They wanted to reduce costs and assure that drivers were taking most efficient routes to ultimately reduce travel time. They have two types of costs; direct and indirect; wherein direct costs being associated with a particular job, and indirect costs being travel time, etc.

Top Challenges for Profitability

  • Scheduling.
  • Timeliness of arrivals.
  • Intelligent routing.

Before They Started Using GPS to GO..

  • Manager would go on drive to physically check employees were at proper destinations and at right time.

GPS Solution They are Currently Using:

Benefits of GPS Tracking for The Maids, Ottawa

  • Reduction in labour costs right off the bat after implementation. Staff were made aware of the new GPS tracking devices installed on vehicles.
  • Indirect labour cost savings of 7-10% right away. Saved approximately $20/day, making for an almost instant return on investment.
  • Constantly tracking on daily basis and verifying routes and route times.
  • Use fleet tracking software to know how and when employees arrived at job.
  • Using the tracking system has become “second nature” for management.
  • Freed up manager’s time by now relying on system to know where employees are instead of physically checking.
  • Can print off historical performance to review with employees.
  • Reduce idling time in winter.
  • GPS devices very reliable in terms of continuous functionality.


Thanks to Paul St. John for taking the time to speak to GPS to GO and share these insights into how GPS fleet tracking has benefited them – and ultimately, how it can benefit many fleet-based businesses.


Happy tracking,

Russ Salo, President

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