Automated Fuel Tax Reporting for IFTA by GEOTAB

Does your business operate a commercial vehicle in more than one province or state?

If the answer is yes, then you are an Interjurisdictional Carrier (IJC) and you should know about the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA).

The IFTA is an agreement between 10 provinces in Canada and 48 states in the US that essentially makes it easier and more seamless for Interjurisdictional Carriers to register, license, report, and pay taxes for motor fuel, including diesel and gasoline.

However, compiling this data can be tedious, to say the least. Luckily, GEOTAB has a unique and very useful Automated Fuel Tax Reporting component. GEOTAB states the following about this reporting features:

“The Geotab system, GO device and Checkmate software, meet the Minimum Device Requirements for Electronic Data Recording Systems for Fuel Tax Reporting. The Geotab system can be used to log all mileage records. It does not, however, record any fuel purchase data; this must be done manually or through another system.”

Here is a quick guide on how to generate the Integrated IFTA Report, which is one of thirty customizable reports you can generate using GEOTAB’s Checkmate tracking system.

  1. From the GEOTAB Checkmate Home screen, select Drivers & Activity from the left-side tabs, and under there choose the option that says IFTA Miles which will lead you to create the report.
  2. This will take you to the options panel, where you first select Drivers or Devices, and then select all the checkboxes of the specific Drivers/Devices you wish to include.
  3. Click Apply. The report data will be downloaded automatically and saved for the next time you run the report.
  4. Once generated, the report will show you results by distance in each state or province as categorized by device or driver.


View the full visual walk-through here.

You can also view the GEOTAB Statement of Certification here.

Happy tracking,

Russ Salo, President
GPS to GO, now you know