Author: Russ Salo

We recently had the pleasure of outfitting the local Merry Maids franchise here in Ottawa with 6 of our GO5 GPS Tracking units.

This was a real treat for a summers morning installation. We met Stephanie the Office Manager at 08:00 and before you could say “Clean Up” we had all 6 Merry Maids cars all installed with GO5 GPS units. Merry Maids had been using GPS in the past from 2 different cellular providers and was looking for a change.

By 08:25 all six cars were off on their respective cleaning runs for the day & we went inside to do the live training on the Geotab Checkmate web portal.

Whew!….. it’s getting warm and the swimming pool season is here. GPS to Go is delighted to take on a new customer “Splash Pools & Arctic Spas.

Operations manager Mike Collins called on us after a friend had referred them to us. We have installed 5 of the GO5 compacts in Splashs’ service vans.

Thank you Mike for choosing GPS to Go!

Every year the president of GPS to Go, Russ Salo, is very excited to be able to chair the Pleasant Park Public School annual family night BBQ. This year was too much fun and the weather plus a fantastic roster of teachers & parent volunteers made this years event a smash! Thanks to the Co-Chair Dave Armstrong for his unwavering support and dedication ( plus he really rocks the big gas grill). Here is the picture of our President’s son Richard with one of his dear friends from Russ’ Shrine clown unit Bob “Big Squirt” Conrad (sorry folks but Russ was unable to don his own Shriner clown costume as “Waffles”)

See you all in 2012 (June 8th I believe we decided)

P.S. And if you are curious, here is the picture of our President, Russ Salo as a clown from another event.