Did you know GPS to GO can help you track more than your fleet vehicles? With BeWhere Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacons you can also track the tools, equipment, inventory and other powered or non-powered assets critical to your businesses’ success.

Once large and unaffordable for many businesses to incorporate into their business solutions, BeWhere Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacons are small and an affordable price – you will see the benefits outweigh cost in no time! Perhaps the best part about BeWhere Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacons is that they work in conjunction with the Geotab fleet tracking devices you already trust for your fleet tracking! This means existing Geotab users can not only know where their fleet vehicles are at any given moment, they can also know what is in those vehicles!

No matter the business, it is nearly impossible for a manager to know where each and every asset is as any given time, and it becomes even more difficult with larger number of employees coming and going with items throughout the work day. BeWhere Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacons will not only tell you of an assets location, but also reports on any impact to or tilting of the asset(s), as well as the light levels and temperature of the location. BeWhere Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons come in three sizes with a variety of sensor configurations, are ruggedized and IP68 rated, waterproof, have an operational temperature range between -40 C and +80 C and a 250 meter (800 feet) range, making them a great fit for just about any task you can put them up to.

BeWhere Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacons take the guesswork out of asset tracking, allowing managers to set defined rules for each beacon and the asset associated with it which trigger immediate notifications and audible alerts on tablets and smartphones when your assets are being used or moved without approval, or if conditions change and put your inventory or load at risk.

Who Are BeWhere Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacons Best Suited For?

BeWhere Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons are a great choice and investment for any industry or business that has moveable assets that are critical to the smooth running of day-to-day operations and are essential for professional performance. This includes, but is not limited to the follow industries:

  • Construction (equipment and tool inventory)
  • Ground/Air/Rail/Marine Transportation
  • Manufacturers and users of returnable containers (plastic/metal pallets)
  • Cold chain management (food or pharmaceutical)
  • Warehousing management (pallets, forklifts, load bars, etc.)
  • Utilities (hotsticks, reels, blankets, etc.)
  • Mining (employee safety)
  • Public Works (site inventory, vehicle inventory, equipment location and use, etc.)
  • EMS/Paramedics (medical equipment inventory and location, etc.)

If you’re considering incorporating BeWhere Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacons into your asset tracking strategy to keep your business running smoothly and to free up time for managers to focus on finding other business efficiencies or growing your business, contact GPS to GO today!