5 Ways to Cut Down on Fuel Costs

One of the most-appreciated benefits to be had from a GPS fleet management solution is its ability to help cut down on your fleet’s fuel costs – especially with today’s rising oil prices.

How to cut down on fuel costs

So how does GPS fleet tracking help cut down on fuel costs of a commercial fleet exactly? Let’s find out.

  1. Prevent any unnecessary vehicle idling. The GPS devices within each company vehicle can let off a beeping noise to act as a signal for the driver to shut off the vehicle when idling. Management can also receive reports afterwards on idling times per driver.
  2. Create more efficient routes. The GPS system can automatically determine the most efficient routes for drivers and even take into consideration traffic reports. The system also lets you dispatch drivers more effectively based on who is closest to the next job.
  3. Stop speeding and aggressive driving. Aggressive driving patterns use up more gas than conservative driving habits, speeding being a prime example. Yet, harsh accelerations also contribute to fuel usage. The GPS system can alert drivers and management of speeding and other aggressive driving instances so that corrective action can be taken.
  4. Prevent unauthorized vehicle use. If your drivers were once going far out of their way to get lunch or using vehicles after hours, you now have knowledge of all that is happening with the company vehicles. Management can access reports on drivers’ trip history for details on all their routes and stops, and any unscheduled stops in between.
  5. Start using fuel cards. You can now track all drivers’ fuel purchases and locations and help educate them on making smarter fuel choices.

Now, for the above benefits to be had management must be looking at this information and taking proactive measures to ensure that rules are enforced and poor habits are corrected. GPS fleet tracking combined with an effective management team is the recipe for a fast ROI and a better bottom line.

If you’d like to learn more about how our GPS fleet tracking solution can help reduce fuel costs of your commercial fleet, get in touch with us today, or take advantage of our $50 trial offer.


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